Tracing their Family Roots

We were recently visited by the family of John Jones aged 30 who came originally from Shropshire, and was killed in the 1901 explosion at the Universal Colliery. John, his wife Alice and their three children Florence, Jack and Fred lived at 15 Kingsley Place, Senghenydd. A fourth child, Alice was born after he was killed. The family then returned to their family in Shropshire.

His present descendants, grand-daughter Audrey, great grand-daughter Jane and great great-grandson Dougie, age 15 who all still live in the Shrewsbury area were pleased to look at the details of the 1901 disaster as well as looking at his house in Kingsley Place, which, apart from double glazing and a bright new front door are the same as all those years ago. They also visited the Welsh National and Universal Mining memorial Garden and saw the Plaque dedicated to John. They were aware of the difficulties and hardship that Alice had bringing up her children and were proud of their family’s achievements. They kindly gave us a photo of John which is now in display in the Museum. In return they kindly let us take of photo of them!