Last man in the Universal Colliery

Heritage was recently contacted by a gentleman who explained that he was the last man in the Universal Colliery in Senghenydd.  Intrigued by this message we immediately contacted him – it was Mr Phil Morgan who told us a fascinating story.  As the NCB’s “Colliery Ventilation” man located at Oakdale Colliery he was sent to the Windsor Colliery on an important safety issue.  As the Windsor was to be closed and its seams mined from the new Nantgarw Colliery he had to ensure that no highly inflammable methane gas could travel through the shafts to Nantgarw.  The main problem were the “Bumping Beams” situated at the bottom of the Senghenydd Shaft, which had already been filled in earlier.  Should these beams give way any trapped methane gas would could get through to Nantgarw!  It was his responsibility to make sure that this didn’t happen.  Only then could he finally close and lock the steel doors that had already been erected.

Phil has been in close contact with the Coal Authority and has obtained maps of all underground works from Universal – to Windsor – to Nantgarw.  He explains it all with expertise and humour.

Phil and his wife will be attending the Memorial Service on Monday 14th October and afterwards joining us for light refreshments in the Community Centre.  He will have all the maps and other info with him and is prepared to show and explain over a cup of tea how it all occurred.

Please do join us on Monday 14th October.