About Us

Aber Valley Heritage Group was formed in 2008 by a group of local volunteers keen to preserve the mining heritage of their small valley. In 1901 and 1913, the Universal Colliery in Senghenydd was the site of 2 tragic disasters, where hundreds of men and boys lost their lives.

The 15 volunteers, who form a committee with Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer meet on a monthly basis. Over the years they have continually fundraised and successfully set up both the Aber Valley Heritage Museum, and the National Mining Memorial and Garden. Both of these are situated in Senghenydd. On a daily basis, they ensure that both the Museum and Memorial Garden are continuously maintained to a high standard.

Volunteers open and man the Museum, which has free admission, between 11 – 2pm every day except Sundays and bank holidays. They organise the popular showing of archive history films from our extensive collection, as well as providing talks to visitors from all over the world, also accommodating group visits from local school pupils keen to learn about the history of their valley.

Members of the Heritage Group also open & close the garden for visitors on a daily basis, and partake in weeding, cleaning, grass cutting etc to provide a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives.

When volunteers have spare time, they also research family histories on request.

The Aber Valley Heritage Group has recently trialled a pilot project called Walking Through Time. This project’s outcome combines encouraging the local community to not only get out & about to stay fit by taking part in a 3 mile walk, but it also educates participants in the history of the local area at the same time by providing historical information and old photographs on a free, bi-lingual smartphone app.

If you have any photos or memories about the Aber Valley please
e-mail senghen.heritage@btconnect.com – this will help us show a world wide audience about the rich history of the Aber Valley.